What To Know about Re-Keying Door Locks?

What is Re-Keying? And what does it mean for you? Re-Keying refers to the process of changing the lock code or keys. The new code is generated first and then the combination pins are updated to match the new code. 

To match the new code, new keys will be cut and the lock can operate. For cutting of keys, You can opt for the best locksmith that provides the services of key cutting in Sydney from https://www.buffalolocksmiths.com.au/services/key-cutting/

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Some locks cannot be re-keyed. Some locks are too expensive to be economically viable, while others cannot be re-keyed. Re-keying is possible on most "High Security" locks. It will only cost 30% more than a new high-security lock.

Here are some reasons you should consider Re-Keying.

  • Keys lost, stolen, or misplaced
  • Moving into a new home or commercial property
  • Key control lost
  • Expanding the locking mechanism
  • More people need keys than there are keys available.
  • You want to ensure that you have access to your keys and a secure system
  • You need to move from a Keyed Alike system to a Master system

This process will depend on the type of lock. You would send any padlocks or cam locks to a Lock Service Center. The locks will be re-keyed according to your requirements and new keys cut. You can order multiple locks but not be able to send them in. Then you could exchange locks where the locks you sent in would be re-keyed with the new locks.

Re-keying, as mentioned earlier, is an economical way to cut down on the cost of replacing locks. Re-keying is also a great way to regain key control. Key control refers to knowing how many cut keys and where they are located at all times.

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