Buying Baby Mattress in Singapore

Baby mattresses come in many shapes and sizes and can be used from birth to six or seven years of age. Kids mattresses come in different sizes and it’s up to you which size you choose.

You can choose the size according to the bedding or size of the bed you have or want to buy. It is very important that the mattress is fixed in the bed and is comfortable enough. You can also see here to know various types of mattresses.

But remember the kid’s mattress should not be too soft as it can lead to discomfort. And it may further lead to back problems in the future.

You might even choose the mattresses that are not too soft nor too hard, that gives the perfect comfort. You can think of various choices like foam or spring mattress.


Foam mattresses are generally more affordable than innerspring mattresses so you may also like them. In picking foam mattresses, purchase one that's heavy and compact since they're firmer. 

Some people though don't suggest the foam mattresses since they may get overly warm to your own body. In all of this do not forget that the mattress must fit perfectly without any gaps around the exterior, and the bedding ought to be protected and tucked in the crib.