Firearm Instructor Responsibilities: Keep Up With Science!

We have all heard the same old arguments about the shooting attitudes and methods for a very long time. Do we teach the weavers, isosceles, point shooting against the alignment and views?

If we consider all of the latest information available regarding the physiology of stress and how it relates to our body during a dynamic critical incident, it seems that we also have to evaluate how we teach soldiers today are related to stress under fire. If you want to explore regarding the firearm training, visit

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Many studies have shown that when placed under extreme amounts of stress, your body will react in a way that is somewhat predictable to protect themselves. 

Some examples of these reactions; unperturbed shock, tunnel vision (visual acuity emergence), auditory exclusion, lower center of gravity, the face of the stimulus (indexing threat), eyes wide open (both eyes) to focus on the threat.

Already in the mid-seventies and the beginning of the dashcam video, we have been able to see the actual shooting and the chaotic way that they play out. It is not realistic that we see anyone involved stand in a perfect weaver, focus on the front sight, squinting one eye, and squeeze off a pair of controls. 

This is shown repeatedly, the attacker and the officers, firing seemingly uncontrollable with a poor grip on their arms while walking back towards a kind of cover or at least away from their opponents.