Veda A Sense Of Spiritual Knowledge

The etymological meaning of the word "Veda" is knowledge – of two types. One type is subject to time, space and personality, and the other is self-realization, regardless of all subjects.

The first is called Aparaynana, relative knowledge, because it is connected with objects. The last is parajana, spiritual knowledge. Here the word Veda is used in the sense of spiritual knowledge.

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One day, Vaedarbhi, son of Brigu, asked the learned sage, Pipalada: "Sir, what is Brahmavijana (intuitive science)? What is the relationship between Brahm and the world? The wise man replied: How the fingers are attracted to the wheel hub, so each the objects in the universe are centered on Brahm and thus maintain their respective existence.

The core of the cosmic system is the source of all beings from the highest being to the lowest being, rigging, magic, yaju, prayer, the same, the song is hung all from Brahmn , the source of their existence The word Praja means what has developed, Bramn is Prajapati, the master of the developed object, because he is the master of all.

Prajapati Brahmn moves like an embryo in the womb, and when born, that event should be called the Brahmn birth reflex instead of its birth, because all the formations created are only manifestations of Brahmn.