What Is the Advantage of the Baby Sleeping Pods?

Baby sleep pods, also known as sleep bots, can make bringing a baby home a lot less stressful for both you and your baby. Sleep pods, which are becoming more popular with parents of newborn babies, allow you to turn the baby into a little virtual baby, sleeping in a cot or a bassinet. You can buy sleep pods for just a few dollars, or you can outfit your whole house with sleep pods if you want to keep the baby sleeping in a sleep nursery during the night. Sleep pods replicate the warmth, security that a baby feels in their parent's arms, and can be a welcome change from the constant threat of an impending newborn. Sleep pods also give babies the sleep comfort they need to fall asleep without you or another person trying to soothe them.

Sleep pods featured on babygearreviews were designed to help facilitate the natural transition from sleep in mom's womb to sleeping in bassinets or cots in the home. The idea is that newborns need to get enough sleep in order to develop a sleep association with their environment. Sleep pods, with their padded sides, deepness and insulation, provide just the right amount of support and comfort to make it possible for babies to learn and develop their sleep associations naturally. The idea is that newborns spend the vast majority of their time sleeping. Babies are not supposed to be awake at night. With the use of sleep pods, you don't have to worry about your baby waking you up at night, but you don't have to worry about them getting too comfortable and never letting you go to sleep either.

Sleep pods are made from a combination of comfortable foam, durable nylon, and breathable fabric cotton, all mixed together to create a comfortable, warm and soft baby sleeping pod. The sleep pods main features are that they offer support, comfort and support, and they also offer a secure base to prevent the baby from rolling off the sleeping pad. The sleep pods main features also include:

o Foam: The main material used in the pods main frame is Foam. This material allows for the mattress to mold around your baby's body. The foam also helps keep the mattress from moving, so it stays firm and doesn't sag in any areas. Because of the foam base, the pods can always place themselves into a "natural position" even after your baby grows into a toddler.

o Mattresses: There are several different sizes and shapes of baby nests to choose from, each with their own unique set of features. Some pods have a flatter, softer surface that will help your baby feel more secure in their sleep. Other pods have thicker sides that will provide more padding for your baby's comfort. Some have side pockets to keep blankets or pillows securely in place, and others have insulated bottoms to keep warm and cool air within the unit.

o Firmness: To find the perfect mattress for your baby, it is important to find one with the right firmness. Most of the pods on the market today have a medium firmness. These are great if you are looking for a medium firm mattress that your baby will grow into. However, if your child starts out sleeping on a hard surface like a hard wooden crib, you may want to consider a softer mattress.

o Waterproof Mattress Cover: You can't have a good sleep at all if your baby is not completely protected from water. The waterproof mattress covers for these sleep systems will provide exceptional protection against leaks, spills, and overall moisture. The baby's sleep area will be completely protected from any leaking. This is important to keep the overall cost of having your baby sleep in a pod as low as possible.

o Padded Baby Pillow: A very popular feature of many of these sleep systems is the fact that there are specially padded head and foot pillows. These pillows generally have little padding in the center of the pillow and are flat on top. This makes for an extremely comfortable sleeping experience for baby. Many parents say that the combination of the padding, the waterproof cover, and the foam type mattress are absolutely perfect for their baby.