Stockings – An Essential Wardrobe Accessory!

Nylon fiber was first introduced to the public in 1939 at the New York Fair. The first nylon material to be used was in 1940's nylon socks. Women love nylon socks because they are as beautiful as any previously worn silk socks and last longer. Nylon socks also dry faster than silk after washing.

The new trend of socks started in the 1960s with the introduction of tights. Until the introduction of pantyhose, socks had to be worn with a stocking belt or belt. The socks are held in place with the buckle attached to the belt or garter belt.

Tights are available in many designs today. These thigh high stockings are available in reinforced, thin, bare, and toe sandals. Some tights come with built-in body contours and control tops to trim and smooth abs, buttocks, and thighs.

Stockings - An Essential Wardrobe Accessory!

Women can even buy pantyhose for cellulite. These socks promise to reduce the appearance of cellulite through the use of microspheres embedded in the fabric. The results are visible after four weeks. Pearls remain effective after five washes. They are tight, toned legs for a more elegant look.

Nylon socks come in a variety of colors and also come in ankle, knee, and thigh height. Support tubes are even available for women who need varicose vein relief. These socks are designed to relieve pain from varicose veins by relieving the pressure of the socks on the legs. No part of the foot is applying too much or too little pressure.

Many women love hot stockings. Some socks require the garter belt to stay in place, while others use a strap on a rubber band or handle to keep it snug around the thigh. Women can choose to wear socks that are high in the thigh tissue, that have a lacy top, or even have a seam at the back that runs down the back of the leg.