Buying Jewellery – Asking the Right Questions

In this article I will assist you to ask the right questions when you want to buy jewelry so you will not be disappointed and your purchase becomes a self-fulfilling experience. Unfortunately in a sales driven environment the balance between knowledge about stock and sales techniques lean heavily towards the latter. As a customers you will benefit greatly when entering the ‘sales arena’ armed with the right questions.

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Empowerment through knowledge

Before I become technical and point out specific questions for which you can demand the correct answers I would like to touch on some general areas that are important to take on board before you set foot in a shop.

Know what you want!

You don’t want to be talked into buying that last item in the showcase, which has been sitting there for ages, which you wouldn’t know. Nobody ever liked it, but a convincing voice tells you, that this is exactly what you need. Study magazines, do plenty of window shopping, do your homework on as many websites as you can find.

All you really need to do is to ‘Google’ hand made jewellery, click images and millions of pictures come up. Of course you can and should be this specific so you don’t have to go through mass produced cast jewellery when all you want is quality hand made jewellery or handmade gold jewellery.

The jewellery retail industry relies heavily on impulse buying, the emotional urge to make someone or yourself happy there and then. So before you know it you walk out the door thousands of dollars lighter or have a lay-by debt over your head. Something you may regret when you come home and do your research afterwards rather than before.