Information About Designing the Roof Truss Required by Manufacturer

At some point, as a contractor or homeowner, you may need to order a roof structure. Whether the roof is for a simple timber roof or a good expansion of the attic, it is helpful to know what information an agricultural designer may need. You can look for timber roof architecture on this link

Most likely your design comes from an architect's drawing and most of the details you need will be listed there. In more complex cases, there may also be a technician's specification providing details such as wind gain and load specifications.

As part of the design process and through discussion with your architect, you have resolved the following problems:

  • Roof design with a coating or gable

  • Glass or flat ceiling

  • The use of the attic as a house (attic space)

Measured in millimeters, the total length of the roof is considered to be the distance above the wall panels. It is defined as the distance between the outer edges of two bearing plates. 

The pillars of the roof structure are the angles that the rails make relative to the horizontal and are measured in degrees. There are circumstances where you may need a double-story structure at different angles, either as a design feel or as a counterpart to an existing roofline.